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About Us

Holyduck! Productions specialize in helping brands who want to go against the grain and stand out from their competitors. At its core, creative strategy is the engine that drives everything we do. We kick off each project with a custom strategy, there is no one size fits all approach. We combine human psychology, cultural knowledge, and data-driven insights to prove that our campaigns are successful before we launch them. We are storytellers, regardless of the stage in the process, Whether it’s developing a brand’s story or marketing to a niche audience-we believe in our clients and their potential to succeed.

We know that the best ideas sometimes come from breaking the rules, so we encourage our team to think outside the box and challenge convention.


Above all else, we believe in being kind to one another and creating a community of creators, movers, and shakers– after all, we are trying to build a better world.

 One project at a time🦆🌍

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