Sophi Alvarez came to us wanting to brand her music career as 'Saint Victoria' -- After getting in-tune with our client, her aspirations, and upbeat electro music, we proposed a whole new brand persona, and thus the legendary Internet Sophi was born.

Scope: Visual Identity, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Social Graphics, Album Art

Painting Wall


All design choices we made reflect an in-depth process we like to call 'design therapy' - our breakthrough strategies get down to the core of what a brand should look, touch, taste, smell, and feel like. Once we pin down our brand strategy, it is time to pull it together visually. The brand identity for Internet Sophi consisted of 3 rounds of logo design, a custom color palette, a hierarchy of fonts (typography)

Creative Direction
& Brand Strategy

A Full 35 Page Brand Guide and Execution Strategy Tailored

to The Client's Needs and Requests:

- Mission and Vision of Brand, Core Values

- Audience Profiles and Analysis Reach Guide

- Brand Voice, Positioning and Messaging 

- Fashion and Accessories Style Guide 

- Brand Look Book, Broken Down Photography Guide

- Brand Consistency Outline and Alignment

- Social Media Guide: Social Chanels Plan, Social Trends

and Analytics Report, Posting Strategy, Vlog Styles, 

Social Do's and Don'ts

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"Working with Sky was not only a pleasure, but an integral part of how my brand functions today. Through every step of the way, she helped me craft exactly what I wanted to portray to my audience. She made my brand, logo, and graphics totally original and in line with who I am. Sky both listened to everything I wanted, and knew when to professionally push back for the good of my brand. Her presentation was excellent, thorough, and still one I look back on even a year later. I look forward to working with her in the future!"